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With a joint passion for health and wellness and a commitment to grow revenue streams in independent gyms, we developed RAW Kids Gymnastics to diversify the income in a functional fitness gym and also inspire the next generation. 


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The RAW Story


RAW was set up in 2021, an idea conceived out of lockdown. When the future of fitness looked uncertain, the RAW Directors wanted to build a new revenue stream for CrossFit and independent gyms to help "bounce back" after the Covid 19 pandemic.

RAW was created in tough economic times with a vision to be the best preschool gymnastics business globally.



RAW Kids Gymnastics holds a passion for supporting children in being active, healthy and happy. We believe in providing a quality, fun, positive and nurturing learning environment where children can feel safe to explore gymnastics movement through play. We aim to help children develop physically, mentally and emotionally and strive to make our classes the most exciting and enjoyable part of their week.



We will provide the foundations for creating happy and healthy children and promoting lifelong wellness through movement and fun.



To be recognised as a premium provider of gymnastics fitness for early years children across the country. To give all children the opportunity to love being physically active, to grow in confidence, build friendships, be inspired to dream, believe and achieve. We aspire to be so much more than just a gymnastics class.

Mark Brine

For the past 8 years I have been the owner and founder of CrossFit Rotherham, previously to this I have worked in the fitness industry for the past 30 years and have a background in Sports Science, Sports Development and Strength & Conditioning.
As a business owner in the fitness industry and especially in the independent/CrossFit setting it was important to me to use my facility to the maximum advantage. This is why I became involved (had the idea) in RAW Kids Gymnastics and haven't looked back since. 
Through RAW Kids I have been able to turn an unused space on the timetable into a profitable area of my business. Plus my own daughters adore it!
My role in the team is to help you expand your current business and help you grow your franchise to its full potential.   


I'm from the corporate world....

I have spent twenty years working in sales and marketing, but "fell" into working in the CrossFit world five years ago - and have LOVED every second.

When the opportunity to work in RAW presented itself, I was super excited.  A huge frustration in working in an independent gym is the empty hours, so to be able to fill it with children focusing on fitness is incredible.

However, I remain very focused on my role in selling the concept of RAW to other gyms and helping them grow their business through a simply additional revenue stream. 


Gymnastics has been my lifelong passion for as long as I can remember and I’ve spent a number of my years being upside down!

I went straight into coaching from being a gymnast and gained my first qualification in 1999 and since then became a Level 3 General Gymnastics Coach, Level 2 Women’s Artistic Coach, Pre-School Gymnastics Coach, BabyBeats Instructor and PTA Global Personal Trainer. With over 20 years of experience coaching children of all ages through to adults in the UK and Asia, I am super excited to bring to life RAW Kids Gymnastics.

As a mum of 2 young children, I know how important it is as a parent to have opportunities to keep your kids fit and active.  

My mission is to provide the best classes around that build the foundations for creating happy and healthy children and promoting lifelong wellness through movement and fun. 

Turn your functional fitness space

into a profit-making machine.

Empty gym space during the week or on a weekend?
RAW Kids Gymnastics is the perfect solution to creating more income, clients and profit. 

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